Dana Baron

Dr. Dana Baron Shahaf, MD PhD is a Stuff anesthesiologist and Residency Program Director in the Department of Anesthesia at the Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel. Dr. Baron Shahaf completed Neuroanesthesia fellowship at the Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada, and a second fellowship in Neurotrauma and Neuro Critical Care at St. Michael’s hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Dr. Baron’s research involves developing EEG based technology for brain monitoring, focusing on; 1. Awareness under Anesthesia 2. Identifying brain insult (ischemia) under anesthesia. 3. Post operative cognitive dysfunction. Her research extends beyond operating room and anesthesia per-se, to: 1. Concussion diagnosis 2. Pre-hospital stroke detection (for EMS) 3. Monitoring neurological deterioration in ICU settings. Dr. Baron’s research work is in collaboration with NeuroIndex Ltd, in which she serves as the Primary Investigator and Clinical Advisor. In the last few years Dr. Baron have received 2-peer reviewed grants as Primary investigator and Co-PI, and one industry-based grant as a PI. Dr. Baron’s recent work was presented in world leading conferences; ESA, CAS and IARS.