Ruth Edry

Dr. Ruth Edry
Dr. Ruth Edry is a senior anesthesiologist in Rambam Medical Center where she serves as head of
Acute Pain Service since June 2017 and head of Anesthesia Service for Dental Outpatient Clinic since
2006. Dr. Edry obtained her medical degree in the university of Tel-Aviv (1994) and completed her
residency in anesthesiology in Rambam Medical Center (2004). She completed additional training in
genomics and bioinformatics (Bar Ilan university, 2018) and dry needling (Israeli Society of
Musculoskeletal Medicine, 2018). In addition to her anesthesia practice, Dr. Edry servs as medical
advisor and conducted studies as principal investigator for several medical companies, including
Medasense Ltd. (developing the PMD-200 monitor), Medoc Ltd. (developing medical decision
support systems). Her main research interests are: pain, ambulatory sedation, preoperative
management, medical implementation of bioinformatics.